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Compact harvesting machines

EazyCut & VegTerra compact harvesting machines

Most ot the compact harvesters from VegHands are built with an EazyCut tea harvester and a conveyor belt. By blowing the product over the knife backwards, the products are not damaged.  
This is especially important when harvesting fragile herbs and vegetables (microgreens). These harvesters are available in different frame versions. The VegTerra is especially for harvesting leafy vegetables and herbs in the open ground.

EazyCut | perfect result
compact harvesting machines

Compact EazyCut harvesters with collection bag


Collecting higher leafly vegetables in the open ground can be very light and simple. Battery powered so harvesting is quiet and environmentally friendly.
 VegTerra harvest machines


Cutting of leafly vegetables in the open ground can be very light and simple. Battery powered so quiet and environmentally friendly.
Harvesting on a Danish cart
EazyFrame with harvester
EazyCut Harvester 600
The compact harvesters are the perfect solution for the pruning and harvesting of leafy vegetables, samphire and herbs


The EazyCut is the perfect solution for pruning and harvesting leafy vegetables, samphire and herbs. The EazyCut combines a competitive price with high savings on labour costs. EazyFrames are made for the EazyCut pruning systems. The blowing system ensures that all crops are collected or removed without damage. There are standard frames with wheels for roller tables and on the ground. These are easy to use by one person. Fixed set-ups are custom-made in the widths of 60, 120 and 160 cm of cutting width. These are then especially for harvesting microgreens, herbs and other crops in trays or roller tables.
Effective, fast and flexible.
  • Perfect pruning result, year after year (self-sharpening knife).
  • Working widths: 400 - 600 - 1200 - 1600 mm.
  • Powerful motor with integrated fan.
  • Large collection bag, 100% collection of harvest
  • Lightweight & flexible use
  • Easy to integrate into a frame
  • Low maintenance & excellent service
  • Performances: hand-held / frame / fixed arrangement

EazyFrame | harvesting solutions
made for you

small harvesting frames

XXL harvesting frames

VegTerra| higher crops 
harvested with ease

Field harvesting machine
Field harvesting machines
 Harvest system leaf vegetable
Harvester leaf vegetable
harvesting leafy vegetables


The VegTerra harvester is especially for harvesting herbs and vegetables in the open ground. The cutting width is 115 cm and the height adjustment is widely variable. The flaps rounding ensures that the crop is carried along by the conveyor belt. The crop can be dropped in containers at the top or can be picked up and packed in bundles by the employees behind it. Due to the battery drive the machine is very quiet and can work for about 6 hours in a row. This machine is already widely used in spinach, parsley and mint.
  • Working width: 1150 mm
  • Stepless height adjustment
  • Drive: battery
  • Collection: catch bag / bins
  • Version: wheel set
  • Total length: 2000 mm
  • Weight: 72 kg

Harvesting Spinach

Harvesting Herbs

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