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Multihead weighing system
multi head weighers for nuts
10 heads vertical weigher
Smart multi-head weighing systems
16 head multi weighing system

    Multihead weighing system

    The use is optimal for high speed and small packages and the machine can be combined with all types of packaging machines.
    Multihead weighers have proven their worth for years in the nuts, fruits and other fine food and non-food processing companies. VegSmart multiweighers have been successfully used for years in England, USA, Canada, Malaysia, etc.
    Because of his solid construction and proven concept the system will not disappoint you. This multi-head machine is available in 5 types: Holders of 0.5 ltr / 1.0 ltr / 1.6 ltr / 2.5 ltr and 5 ltr. The larger ones are therefore very suitable for various types of leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach!

    Our multihead weighing systems

    VegSmart SW-ML Multihead weigher -
    0,5 till 1,6 ltr

    VegSmart multihead weighers come in many types: 10 head, 14 head, 16 head, 20 head and 24 head! So for all individual products there is a correct version. Equipped with the load cell containers of 0.5 / 1.0 or 1.6 ltr the VegSmart is perfect for small loose food and non-food applications such as nuts, fruits, sweets, small vegetables, animal feed and also metal and plastic parts. The range runs from 10 to 1000 grams the maximum speed is 65 charges per minute for the 10 head version. With the 24 head version this can be up to 160 batches per minute! All larger parts are made entirely of stainless steel with plastic hinges and connections. These can also be disassembled without tools, so cleaning is easy and can also be done with water. Everything can be set from a large touch screen on which everything can be viewed easily and clearly. It is also adjustable in many languages.
    Multihead weighers for small loads

    VegSmart SW-ML Multihead weigher -
    2,5 ltr

    The multihead weighers with 2.5 ltr content are available in 10, 14 and 20 head versions. The larger containers ensure that larger products can be weighed and can be delivered at the correct weight with little loss. The number of batches per minute is 35 for the 10 head to 65 for the 20 head version. This is widely used for chips, bakery products, fruits, etc.
    Multihead weighers for larger products

    VegSmart SW-ML Multihead weigher -
    5 ltr

    The largest containers are found on the large ML10 and ML14 head version. These have a large rotating disc or rotating upper cone for a good distribution of the product. All sheet material is non-stick printed stainless steel and therefore very suitable for leafy vegetables. All parts that come into contact with the product can be disassembled and cleaned without tools. With the large 9.7 "touch screen you can set everything easily and look at the history.
    Rotating Multihead weighing machine
    Multihead Weighers Versions
    10 head
    0,5 lt - 1,6 lt - 2,5 lt
    14 head
    1,6 lt - 2,5 lt - 5lt
    16 head
    1,6 lt
    20 head
    1,6 lt - 2,5 lt
    24 head
    1,0 lt
    Complete Multihead weighers

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