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Washing, Drying and Cutting

VegLead washing, drying
and cutting for
all types of fruit and vegetables.

The VegLead program consists of simple and affordable washing, drying and cutting machines constructed entirely from stainless steel. Due to the modular structure, a number of types can be expanded to get more capacity. VegLead cutting machines use the famous stainless steel SUBO knife for a perfect long-lasting cut!


Vegetable and fruit washing machines from VegLead work with water under higher pressure and compressed air. The high-pressure air pump is adjustable depending on the delicacy of the crop. The baskets to place in the drums also fit in some types of VegLead drying machines. The round drums can be linked together, so that the capacity goes from 300 to 600 kg / h. Everything is made of stainless steel 304 with the exception of the electric motor and the electrical components.
Vegetable washing machine
Washing vegetables
Salad washing machine


The VegLead centrifuge dryers excel in simplicity. The baskets with products are placed in them and the speed can be adjusted with a frequency inverter. The humidity is controlled and so the crop only goes into the machine as short as possible. The lid with sight glass is attached with a gas damper and a safety switch. This machine is also completely made of stainless steel 304, so hygienically clean.
Vegetable drying machine
Vegetable Centrifuge dryer

Wash- dry combinations

This combination consists of a stainless steel tank with chain conveyor and a drying line behind with blowing units. In the washing area, water is sprayed under pressure and also air pressure. This is fully adjustable and can thus be adjusted to the delicacy of your crop. The crop is then transported from the container to the installed blowers. These wind knives blow off all the water over a narrow strip without damaging anything. At the end everything falls softly on the resilient cloth. The complete system is constructed of 2.0 mm stainless steel 304 sheet metal and heavy tubes.


VegLead's vegetable cutter has an input belt as standard. The special hard stainless steel SUBO cutting blade has a long lifespan even with harder crops. The rotation speed is also adjustable to determine the size of the cut parts. Completely built from stainless steel 304 and water-resistant bearings and shielded electrical components ensure a long service life. This machine can handle up to 2000 kg per hour!
Vegetable cutting machine
Cutting vegetables
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