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Bundling - Labeling - Trimming

VegKing processing and bundling line
affordable & reliable!

Bundling and labelling are important aspects of handling and storing vegetables and herbs. Proper bundling and labelling not only ensures that the vegetables and herbs stay fresh but also makes it easier to identify and use them.

Bundling herbs, aromatics, spring onions, leeks, asparagus, carrots, soup parcels and more is no longer a problem from now on with our inexpensive VegKing processing line.

When bundling with the Cyklop AXRO elastic binder, an elastic band is automatically placed around the bundle of products. Several types and colours of elastic are available and the tension of the elastic around the bundle is adjustable. Optionally, the bundles can be labelled and/or cut.

VegKing is a revolutionary and affordable processing line for leafy vegetables and herbs. This advanced line was designed to ensure the freshness and quality of products while optimizing the process from harvest to packaging

VegKing | processing and bundling line

Save on costs and deliver quality

Designed by VegHands

  • The VegKing is VegHands' own design and is built under its own direction.
  • The 2 narrow conveyor belts on the machine can be moved and the product holders can be changed. This means that many types of products can be bound and possibly cut with 1 machine.
  • The speed of the conveyor belts is infinitely adjustable and the timing of the Cyklop AXRO RVS is adjustable.
  • The frame is made entirely of stainless steel and the conveyor belts are food-graded.
  • The standard version is 1900 mm long, suitable for 2 people feeding. That means it can already tie around 2,500 bundles per hour. With the longer version, even a production of 4000 per hour can be achieved!
  • When bundling with the cyklop elastic binder, one rubber band is automatically placed around the product or bundle of products. The elastic is wound from a large roll, brought around the product, knotted and then automatically cut off.


  • Automatic labelling system

  • Saw blade for shortening bundles
  • Extra Cyklop AXRO binder for 2 bindings
  • verwerkingslijn bundelen en labelen groente en kruiden
  • Automatisch label etiket systeem voor bundelen groente en kruiden
We will be happy to advise you on the perfect solution for you.

VegKing Bundling system

Stressless bundling vegetables and herbs

  • Tight and reliable bundles

  • Suitable for many types of vegetables including carrots, leeks, spring onions, asparagus, long beans, rhubarb and soup parcels.

  • Effortless bundling of herbs, including parsley, celery, rosemary, thyme, sage, mint and bouquet garni

  • gebundelde peterselie met label op verwerkingslijn
  • gebundelde peterselie verwerkingslijn
  • gebundelde selderij met elastiek binding
  • gebundelde kruiden op verwerkings lijn
  • gebundelde lente ui met label
  • gelabelde lente ui

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